What is website?

Date Posted: 7/1/2020 Discussion


First, What is website?

Website is a collection of one or more web page and it is connected to the internet that maintains on WWW (World Wide Web).

What is web page?

Web page is a document commonly written in HTML and other programming language use for web development.

Basic types of website:

  • Personal Website - use for individual or small group such as blog, portfolio or personal information of the owner.
  • eCommerce Website - use for online store or website that can sell a product or services through online.
  • Wiki Website - use for giving knowledge or information about the subject.
  • Social Media Website - in this type of website, people are sharing their ideas and connecting people to another.
  • News Website - the primary purpose of this website is to give current affairs.
  • TV or video streaming Website - newest popular types of website, it gives entertainment in the internet, you can watch movies, watch television and sometimes live streaming.

Two main types of website:

  • Static website - from the word "static" means unchanged or constant, the content is fixed and easiest to create unlike dynamic website.
  • Dynamic website - from the word "dynamic" means changing, the content can change within the website and can contain client-side and server-side.

Common parts of website:

  • Header - contains logo, navigation, search button and sometimes login and register button.
  • Sidebar - it can be used for categories, section of pages and easy access links.
  • Content - general body of the page contains title, news, description, product or services and post or article.
  • Footer - part at the end of the page,contains copyrights or credit, sometimes menu, social media or description of website, location or maps and contact us.

What things are needed to make a website?

  • Website Builder or Text Editor
  • Hosting Provider
  • Domain
  • File Transfer