What are domain and hosting?

Date Posted: 7/1/2020 Discussion


First, What is domain or domain name?

Domain is an identification or address of a website where users can access using internet.

Second, What is hosting?

Hosting provides the services such as store, run and maintains the website or webpage to be viewed in the internet.


We can compare hosting as television network and domain as television channel. We can't see the programs in television if we don't have channel. And We can't see the programs in television if we have only channel without television network. TV network requires the channel and vice versa.

Domain Extensions

  • .com commonly used and top-level domain.
  • .net use for networking technologies.
  • .org use for organization website.
  • .gov use for government website.

Hosting Provider

Hosting Provider provides internet services such as hosting and domain.

Now, I'm using

Hosting Provider: Hostinger

These are the steps to publish your website

  • First, create an account in hosting provider then log in your account.
  • Purchase hosting and domain.
  • To upload your website you can use Git, Secure Shell (SSH) or File Trasfer Protocol (FTP).
    In my future tutorial, I will create tutorial of how to use Git, SSH and FTP to upload a website.